Osteopetrosis Awareness Campaign


Not to be confused with osteoporosis, osteopetrosis is a rare genetic disease found on the X chromosome and effects the development of the bones. Most people with this disease are born with it and unfortunately die at an early age. However it has been known to develop later in life. The brief was fairly open, I was tasked to design a logo for the Osteopetrosis Awareness charity which is a charity aiming to raise awareness and funding for research into this rare disease.


After some initial concept development with the Founder, I researched further into the disease: finding out about genetics, the cell development, the effect it has on bones etc. I then looked at ways scientific depictions can be creative or engaging for younger audiences.


The logo is an initial hand drawing of the two arm bones and two leg bones made to look like an X-ray. You can see from the logo development that the green x-ray colours were replaced with a more multi-coloured instead of the typical green/blue medical colour scheme. We found through user acceptance, that the multicolour represented children much better yet is still sophisticated enough for adults to appreciate.