A personal illustration revolving around self-identity. I asked, who am I? What is important to me? What is my personality?


I wanted to create a mixed media illustration. I also wanted the background to reflect an almost rainbow colour scheme and shout everything out.


The final illustration contains hand rendered drawings turned into vectors,. acrylic paint, indian ink, photographs and fractals. Symbolism:
The thoughts out of my head (friends, family, laziness, education, reading (learning otherwise), being weird and crazy)
- important things in my life.
Lollipop -Childish nature.
School uniform - School is where I grew up, have been the happiest and felt most at home.
Incomplete person (torn shirt) - Still learning and developing.
Tongue - My immaturity or rather, my ability to want to live happily in the moment.
Hat - Nobody recognizes me without my hat.
Multicoloured background - Expresses that I see things from all angles. So I'm neutral and loyal.