Growing Up Here


The brief was to create an a3 poster map using Illustrator of the area in which we grew up.


After mapping out all the important areas of my upbringing, I realised the houses in which I lived are all within the same vicinity. As my family's constant moving was a huge part of my life, I decided to focus on the significance of each move and the important memories shared.


The final poster uses two layers. The base containing a lime-green colour to contrast the struggling and unsettled life to show 'it's not all doom and gloom'. Pink spots indicate places of significant meaning or memories. The top layer is an acetate sheet to show the housing movement and my feelings on living in each of them. Blue lines reflect how ‘cold’ and unsettled we felt there, and the one red ‘warmth’ line reflects how calm everything became once we found the home that was finally ours.