The British South Asian Family Politics Act


This project is part of a larger project which looks into British South Asian (BSA) culture. As a British South Asian, I'm very aware of how proud BSA's are of their culture. Whilst collecting my research, I knew that there were lots of family politics within the Asian community that would baffle others. So to approach this sarcastically, I chose to create the beginning of a 'guidebook' to the politics.


This was a very interesting and fun project with the focus on writing instead of artwork. I started off by categorising subject matters important in BSA life such as 'Family Functions and Events', 'Religion', 'Education', etc and wrote laws based on those stereotypes. I visited the local archive centre to see examples of old-school style Acts and official books such as the Policeman's Pocket Guide to Foreign Laws for inspiration because the culture relies on preserving traditions.


Within the time limit, I was able to complete one section of the entire guidebook which was the Family Functions and Events section. The book is printed on 80gsm off white paper and bound in green bookcloth with red leather like old council bound books.
This project is currently being developed further and I hope to publish it within the next few years so please watch this space.
Fancy getting involved? If you'd like to be a proof reader or contribute to this book, please fill out the form below, we can have a great chat!