Falling In Love

Falling In Love


This project is part of a larger project which looks into British South Asian culture. This particular brief was to create something engaging based on arranged marriage perceptions.


I asked people of non South Asian descent their opinions on arranged marriage. 'What did they know of it already? What do they think about it - why?' I also asked British South Asians on marriages - 'would you get an arranged marriage - why/why not?'. Almost all non South Asians responded negatively to the idea whilst half of British South Asians responded positively. I chose to create a motion piece that would eliminate all the stereotypes that were cropping up from my research and to show the positives about arranged marriages. To make it engaging, I made sure that I chose to portray a serious matter in a light and humorous way.


This motion focuses on the concept of 'love marriage/love relationships' to show South Asians aswell as non South Asians the positives of arranged marriages. It also has a comedic yet serious look at arranged marriages. The use of heavy and flamboyant collage reflects the romanticism behind falling in love, whilst the simple flat vector imagery reflect the bare essentials and basic arranged marriage notion to love.