Every Object Tells A Story


The purpose of this project was to create a narrative story in the form of a poster, for an object using a minimum of seven unedited photographs.


My chosen object was the Signature Book that I have had since I left primary school. I took around 100 shots overall exploring my signature book through different angles and light settings. I also took photographs with a disposable camera as they now have a nostalgic feel about them. However, I settled on using a digital camera as I liked the Tugsten light settings on my photographs because it made the photos look golden and precious. That's when I realised the narrative should tell the story of how precious the book is to me as a world of memories.


Printed on gloss 300gsm paper, the narrtive tells the story of how an ordinary book on the shelf transforms into a World of Memories once opened and read through. Its significance in my life is highly noted through the precious golden colour on photographs of the book opened.