About me

Hi there! Thanks for taking this time to visit my portfolio and moreso I guess for wanting to know little more about me. Well I'm Sophina. A recent graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol, with a degree in BA(Hons) Graphic Design.

I'm a designer who doesn't want to settle in one specific pathway. What I do now will be different to what I do in five years time. Right now, I have a passion for illustration and editorial, but do like to work on/can see myself working on UI design and motion graphics. So I like to do quite a bit. I also say 'dude' alot.

The Logo

The logo portrays the simple yet complicated chaoticness that is Sophina. Complexity is represented by the use of many layers to depict my many interests and skills.(And also because apparently I am an onion and onions have many layers.) Simplicity comes from the blending of all these layers into one fluid shape.

The base ingredients to the logo are the letters 'S' and 'B' (my initials) and the curves of the Bullring to represent my Brummie background all of which are constricted to the same circular shape.

The typeface is a slightly modified 'Niagara Solid'. I chose to remove the serifs and round off the terminals so that it would be consistent with the logo shape.